Runny? Soft? Firm? Hard-boiled?

Whatever your yolky preference, our Boiled Egg Timer will help you cook the perfect egg

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    Choose Your Egg

    Select your egg preference.

  • 2

    Set The Timer

    Ready? Then just tap 'GO!'.

  • 3

    Wait For It...

    Put your feet up!

  • 4

    Enjoy Your Egg!

    It's that simple.


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The most effortless Boiled Egg Timer you’ll ever need...


Super-simple interface

Clean and inuitive

Helpful tips to perfect that egg

We know cooking the perfect egg can be tedious, a couple of extra seconds could mean the difference between a perfect egg and disaster! We're mad about eggs so we've created a super-simple Boiled Egg Timer to help.


Keep your hands-free and use your Apple Watch instead.

Boiled Egg Timer Apple Watch
Boiled Egg Timer Apple Watch

What are you waiting for?

Let's get boiling!